Resources to Master Android Development



Dear Friends,

I would like to share a few resources link which will help you to improve your Android Development skills :blush: :

  1. Listen to Fragmented Podcast : Fragmented is the Android developer podcast where Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal talk about building good software and becoming better Android developers. We engage in bi-weekly banter about the platform, tools, patterns and practices that helps a developer go from good to amazing. Occasionally, we interview the best of our trade and get their opinions and learnings.
  2. Subscribe to Android Weekly Android Weekly is a free newsletter that helps you to stay cutting-edge with your Android Development.
    The newsletter comes once a week and covers a broad range of topics
    like tutorials, screencasts, news… just everything that’s awesome in
    the Android Development world!
  3. Caster IO Skyrocket your Android career with bite sized Android development video training.
  4. CodePath Android Cliffnotes central crowdsourced resource for complete and up-to-date practical Android developer guides for any topic
  5. Android Architecture Blueprints A collection of samples to discuss and showcase different architectural tools and patterns for Android apps.
  6. Best practices in Android development Do’s and Don’ts for Android development, by Futurice developers
  7. 50+ Ultimate Resources to Master Android Development